September Update

I think at some point this September we were supposed to log in and report on the progress of our final projects. If we didn't have to, I guess I look like a…donkey…right now.
Either way, here's what's come of my Photo Story 3 project.

It took forever to get the program downloaded onto one computer thanks to the fabulous IT dept. at HowardCenter. It was finally up and running by the end of the summer - a few days before I gave notice. I was able to write up instructions for staff to use so they will be able to create photo stories of their own. I also made some sample projects for staff to use as models. I'm now working at Shelburne Community School and we have a lot of resources. I've heard that we are about to get many new smartboards, so I will be researching those and possibly presenting to staff…but not too sure about that.
Hope everybody had a great summer!

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