Twitter Resources

Here is a list of Twitter "How-Tos" which I have found helpful. Please remember though, that the best way to learn it is to play with it. Keep on posting tweets to #edchamp and ask me questions through Twitter @ejyoung67.

Remember these key definitions:

  1. @name: The @ sign before a username indicates that the tweet is in reply to that specific person. Followers of both people will be able to see it. Putting the @ before a username is becoming the "standard" for indicating a Twitter user account. For example: @ejyoung67.
  2. RT: When you want to quote someone who wrote a tweet, you "Re-Tweet" it. You might have read a tweet from me that stated, "Wow! It's so hot my cats are molting!" You might find that so funny and amazing that you feel the need to send that out to your followers. You would copy and paste my tweet into the update box and before that you would insert RT and then my username with the @ sign like this: RT @ejyoung67 Wow! It's so hot my cats are molting!"
  3. # (aka Hashtag): This is a way to signify a keyword that others can use to find tweets about that subject. For example, our session hashtag was #edchamp.
  4. DM: This is a Direct Message which is only between two people who follow one another. No one else will see it.

Twitter in Plain English:
This is a great basic video which focuses on the concepts and simple how tos.

CNET Guide to Twitter:
Here's a practical "How-To" by the folks at CNET. Includes some interesting people/organizations to follow.

25 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom:
Probably should have showed this in our session — it's a GREAT Google docs presentation that shows how different teachers are currently using Twitter in the classroom. 100 educators on Twitter:
Very thorough listing of different educators on twitter broken down by discipline.

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