The Nano 4th gen

The iPod Nano is a tool that can be used for downloading. Audiobooks, teacher lectures, speeches, debates, interviews, and talk radio broadcasts can be downloaded. Students are able to have instant access at any time, truly making their learning “education on the go.” The iPod Nano is small, eliminating the need for students to lug around binders and books. Students can have a greater voice in what they are learning, as resources are more readily available. Because the iPod Nano is popular among today’s students, they will be more engaged in their learning by incorporating the Nano into it. Lessons can be created using the music that students already have downloaded onto their Nanos and simple multiple choice quizzes can be accessed.

Apple offers an iPod Learning Lab that can store and charge up to 40 iPods and can sync 20 iPod devices at a time to the same computer.


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