Thank You All

I will not be able to be in class for the presentations tomorrow and regret the lost opportunity to experience live all the excellent ideas and hard work. It was an amazing week of learning for me. I plan to return to Dorset School and Burr and Burton Academy with lots of tools to challenge the administration and faculty. My project this week, which will continue over the summer, is to develop ideas for integrating (not banning) social networking in the middle and secondary schools. I already know I will meet with some resistance, maybe lots. Listening to all of you has inspired me to work even harder to make it happen.

I have told some of you that I intended to teach middle school math when I retired 5 years ago. I have decided, at least for the moment, that I am better suited to working at the board level to promote and support change. I admire and applaud you for the work you do. I believe you are underappreciated and underpaid, but I am thankful everyday for the talent, dedication and energy you bring to the job.

The afternoon got away from me and I missed the opportunity to thank you all for sharing your personal and professional lives with me. If there is an opportunity tomorrow to break free from my Champlain board meeting, I will come by and listen to a few presentations.

The Trustee Guy (aka Bob Allen)

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