Social Bookmarking: “Try it…it’s Delicious” Mike Campbell

Social Bookmarking: “Try it…it’s Delicious” Mike Campbell

You may be a MySpace, Facebook, and/or even a Twitter member but have you become a member of This site has untapped potential for educators to share bookmarks that they have found to be of real value. None of us has time to search these out individually, nor should we. Far too much time is spent on ‘reinventing the wheel’ in education so let’s learn to collaborate and share.
Please take a moment to become a member, it’s a free site and you won’t regret it. This is the link to a video tutorial.

Also, I would like to invite you to see the sites that I have come up with. I pulled this together in a week long online course called Web-enhanced Classroom. The point however is that each site is rated to show you how many people used it which gives you some indication of it’s value and you get to take other’s advice on sites they find useful.

Thanks in advance for all the great sites that you will find for me!

Mike Campbell

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