Paul and his battle with Facebook

On Monday I chose to do Facebook as my "New" technology. I spent the week researching ideas about using it in the class room and decided that this was NOT going to be a tool that I would use. The reason that I came to this conclusion was the issue of job security. There have been several instances in the nation where teachers have lost their jobs because of what was on their Facebook page. I thought that because teachers are guilty until proven innocent anything that is posted on their site could be misconstrued.

There is also the issue of the fine line between teachers and students and their relationship outside the classroom. When you "friend" a student I feel that it could be misconstrued to be something other than what it is meant as far as Facebook goes. Will the students see themselves as your friend more than your student? It is a slippery slope and one that I do not want to take a chance of sliding down.

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