O'Hara- Thanks

Summer Instituters- Just wanted to send along my thanks for allowing me to come in to ramble on about Moodle. If you would ever like to e-mail me about Moodle or anything else, please feel free at ten.sloohcsbs|arahoj#ten.sloohcsbs|arahoj.

I also enjoyed coming in to see you while you were working on your projects. It's exciting for me to realize that I'm not the only one trying out new technologies with my students. Maybe if enough of us hop on board with technology, the rest will follow.

For many of you this is now the start of your summer vacation, so enjoy.

Thanks for having me come in,

PS-I am going to attempt to add three or four pictures that I took from my iPhone. Let's see if it works!

Bummer, didn't work… and now I have to run. Maybe I'll try later!

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