More Facebook Thoughts - Sara Howard

More Facebook thoughts by Mrs. Howard (Sara F. Howard):

After researching best teaching practices on Facebook, I found positive and negative results. However, more encouraging was the opportunities for more interactive activities, unlike the classroom website which can be more informational base.

The following is a list of activities or possible practices:
(1) Discussions or Forums
(2) Developing Close Private Target Groups of Students
(3) Sharing website links, resources, images, podcasts, ideas in general
(4) Live chat room conversions
(5) Tutorial sessions (with teacher or classmates) during a particular time frame
(6) Mock Trials and/or debates
(7) Posting Videos to watch (i.e. TeacherTube or YouTube)

Examples on how to integrate Facebook into my own personal social studies based curriculums (which I am planning on trying this fall) are:
(1) Developing a Forum to post and/or share music of the Harlem Renaissance. Students would have to describe the music itself and discuss how it mirrored the time period as well.
(2) Due to lack of computers in one location, I will have students branch out to alternate locations. Within a live Facebook Chat room, I could communicate with these students if questions arise.
(3) I could have the students watch a TeacherTube video or a podcast on Franklin D. Roosevelt's speeches (or any other political leader), then make comments about the viewing along with responding to a focus question.

These are all just some additional ideas on how to incorporate Facebook into my curriculum. I am sure others will arise after “getting my hands dirty” with this new social networking tool.

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