Digital Videography

Windows Movie Maker Trick:

Many of you were asking of a way to utilize audio-only from a video clip during the session the other day. I have since discovered a workaround for accomplishing this and wanted to share it with you.

1.) Add your video clip to the storyboard/timeline.
2.) Ensure you're in timeline view and that you've clicked the "+" button next to your video track to show you the video's audio track.
3.) Place your timeline scrubber bar at the beginning of the clip.
4.) Right click on the audio track for the video file and select "copy"
5.) You can now paste that audio to your open audio/music track.
6.) You may now delete the video track and the audio you pasted on the audio/music track (the audio from your video) will remain.

Another application:
After pasting the audio to your audio/music track you can mute the video audio track and the use the split tool to split portions of the video track you'd like to replace with other video. The trick is that you should split in easy to replace time segments (i.e. 3 seconds, 5 seconds, not 2.37 seconds). Then you can delete a segment you've created by splitting, and drag down another video clip or picture that matches the same time (if you made a 3 second split and removed it you need to ensure your replacement clip that you're putting in it's place is 3 seconds exactly). By doing this your video's audio will continue to play seamlessly on the audio/music track and align correctly with your original video clip. If you aren't careful with being exact with the timing of your replacement clips your video won't line up with your audio any longer (i.e. lips will be moving out of sync with the dialogue) - it doesn't take much of a sync issue to distract a viewer.

While it still has its limitations you should continue to try to think outside of the box to accomplish the goals you have with the tools provided. This is just one example of how to cheat the system - this one allows for a video overlay effect with a tool that does not provide such a functionality.

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