The Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a reading device that can contain over 1500 non-illustrated books that can be downloaded easily and cheaply. The base price of about $360 covers the non-internet service used to download hundreds of thousands of different titles, newspapers and magazines. There is no need for computer access, only cellular phone service. The device reads easily in a gray-tone that is pleasing to the eyes using new technology that does not use back light, so reading outside is no different than reading an actual book. Additional Kindle features include word search, a built in dictionary and highlighting.

Despite its price tag, schools would benefit from utilizing the Kindle over its long –term cost savings, and students would benefit most by its lightweight (10.4 ounces) design and manageable size. The disadvantage is that text-books that have many photos and illustrations that cannot be displayed easily and provides hyperlinks where more information can be received. Additionally, students would have to be particularly careful of damaging or losing their Kindle because of its price tag, but this might be viewed as no different than having a backpack full of books stolen.

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