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Digital Audio-MP3 & Voice Recorders/Players in the Classroom

Some lesson ideas for my 5-8 Technology Classes
1. Computer History Detectives: I think it is very important for students to know that all inventions grow out of previous inventions, and that what happened yesterday effects today and our future. By accessing perhaps a WebQuest I create, or just some of the online resources listed below, students will choose an invention to explore, personify that invention and convince the class how important they were to another invention. This can happen through just voice or both audio and video.
2. Teaching Netiquette: Students will break up into teams with roles. They will research one aspect of netiquette (i.e. chain mail, forwarding, shouting, when it is OK to uses lower case & shortcuts for mail vs. when you need to be more formal.
They will create a rap/poem or skit to illustrate their point. We will host the files on our site for the others to learn from.
3. Be the Teacher Day! Each quarter my students have a day where they take turns showing others really cool things they know how to do with technology. In the past, the student steps up to the LCD to take over and presents for no more than 3 minutes and then we try this new discovery. They love this class. They show things from changing the desktop, to having the computer speak, to all the cool things control keys can do, and on and on. Two ideas – We can create “how-to” procedure pieces in audio and podcast and/or students can video their presentation as a podcast.
4. Bring in your CD’s, playlists, & iPod’s! How do we rip and burn music files, move them to the MP3 and use them in other files. Prior to this we will listen to a podcast on copyright laws.
5. Digital Stories with music and voice – Whether using a microphone, voice recorder or IPod, we will experience all three and find what works best for the project. Samples of exemplars will be viewed first using various types of audio files.
6. File formats – Compare and use Windows Media/Audacity/ITunes to learn about different kinds of sound files, the space they take up, speed they are delivered at and then play with changing our own recording to sound differently (fading in and out, changing the speed and sound of our voice, etc.)

HISTORY OF MUSIC PLAYERS-From transistor radios & hi-fi’s to IPods

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