Add Photos Directions

Directions to add Photos to this Wiki:

1) First you have to save the picture to your computer

2) Click on “file” on the wiki page you want the picture to show up

3) Click on “upload new file”

4) Click on “browse” to find the picture you saved on your computer

5) File destination name will be the same name that you saved your picture under. However, make sure to not use caps or spaces when typing it in.

6) Click “upload file”

7) Once the file has been uploaded, you want to click on “edit” located at that page

8) Put your curser where you want the picture on page

9) You need to click on the green icon for “insert image wizard.” There are two green icons, it’s the one on the right.

10) Click on “attach file”

11) Click on the file name if the image does not show up

12) You will give the option to change the picture size and position. You will have to make the decision or play with it to decide if want to change anything

13) Click “insert image”

14) There will be a pop up box asking you if you want to navigate away from the page. Click “OK”

15) Click on “preview” or “save” to see your picture

TIP: I had trouble with this. Step 15 didn't work. I could preview but not save. So, here's the trick that made it work: Click "Save and Continue" —- See that it worked, and then cancel. The photo should be in! Laurel

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